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QSWC – COVID 19 Rules and Guidelines (as of January 31, 2022)
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QSWC – COVID 19 Rules and Guidelines

(as of January 31, 2022)


The following are the QSWC User Group Guidelines:

·       As of Monday, January 31, 2022 players, coaches, and spectators will be allowed to enter the facility 20 minutes before their ice rental (entry can be staggered, do not need to enter as a group) and must exit the facility 20 minutes after the end of their ice time (we are asking that only parents of younger aged children wait in the lobby area).

·       As of Monday, January 31, 2022 the maximum amount of participants allowed in the dressing room is 11, participants must always be 6 feet apart to maintain physical distancing. Chairs will be placed outside the dressing room for additional players

·       As of Monday, January 31, 2022 the maximum amount of participants on the ice is 50 in total (including coaches/managers/officials). 

·       As of Monday, January 31, 2022 the maximum spectator capacity for each arena is 100, we are recommending that each child/participant have a max of 2 spectators (per rental) and spectators must be 6ft physically distanced (if not from the same household).


·       As of Monday, December 20, 2021, Ontario began requiring proof of vaccination and valid identification for youth aged 12 to 17 years of age participating in organized sports at recreational facilities.  Unfortunately we will no longer be able to use the “blanket” email confirmation that a lot of our minor sports organizations had previously taken advantage of (as previously this was a City of Belleville policy and we had some flexibility, now that this is a provincial requirement we do not). 

·       Also as of Tuesday, January 4, 2022 proof of vaccination must be done via the QR code and the Verify Ontario app. 

-Please be advised that the verification process for medical exemptions and clinical trial exemptions will require a certificate with a QR code.  Organizations and businesses that are under the provincial proof-of-vaccination system will no longer be permitted to accept physician notes as of January 10, 2022.

·       As per the Province of Ontario/City of Belleville, anyone born in 2010 and 12 years of age will have 12 weeks grace period to show proof of full vaccination and ID upon entry to the QSWC (full vaccination, with the 14 day waiting period from date of 2nd vaccination).

·       Teams/organizers will continue to screen all of their participants/spectators but are no longer required to contact trace

·       As per the Provincial Government on Jan 20, 2022 contact tracing is no longer required.

·       Face coverings or masks must be worn by all persons entering and leaving the facility and while they are standing in line to come into the facility. (Health exemptions may apply). Face covering/masks can be taken off once your helmet is put on in the arena. Any participant on the ice/bench who is not wearing a helmet must wear a mask.

·       Please sanitize upon entering

·       Chairs will be provided for parents to assist with skates outside the dressing room.

·       2 Showers will be available.  Washrooms in the main spine of the QSWC can be used for participants and spectators.

·       Coaches must wear a mask if they are not wearing a helmet.

·       All players engaged in the game are permitted to sit on the bench. If a player is benched for a prolong time or is a back-up goalie they must wear a mask on the bench during the game.

·       Water fountains and bottle filling stations are available.

·       Players should have clearly labelled water bottles.  Water bottles should be washed after each ice time and should not be shared.

·       Food/drinks are permitted while seated.  Face coverings can be removed temporarily to eat/drink but must be put back on as soon as possible

·       Players must not spit, blow their nose freely or release any bodily fluid anywhere in the facility.  Player(s) not following this rule will be asked to leave and may result in cancelation of ice use privilege.

·       Please ensure players and families place all garbage, tape, disposable bottles in the garbage pails provided.

·       Please ensure participants remove all their belongings from the dressing room and ice area when leaving. 

·       We expect anyone using our facility will be respectful to our staff and other members using the facility. If anyone exhibits inappropriate behavior (i.e. swearing, angry, aggressive communication, inappropriate written material etc.) they will be asked to leave.


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