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Quinte Red Devils - Awards

President's Award
Awarded to a player in the U14 - U18 age divisions, who has demonstrated excellence in hockey, academics, or community involvement.
Award Winners ...
2008-09 Ben Elliott & Joe Davies
2009-10 Cole Mahoney
2010-11 Andy Doxtator
2011-12 Luc Brown
2012-13 Reid Russell
2013-14 Matt Cavanaugh & Pierce Nelson
2014-15 Gavin Stevenson
2015-16 Bailey Matthews
2016-17 Emmett Pierce
2017-18 Elijah Brahaney
2018-19 Cooper Matthews
2019-20 Season Suspended
2020-21 Kaden Koutrilides

Tom & Janice Fleming Award
Awarded to a player in the U9 - U13 age divisions , who has demonstrated excellence in hockey, academics, or community involvement.
Award Winners ...
2008-09 Matthew Scott
2009-10 Colin Doyle
2010-11 Jakob Brahaney
2011-12 Ethan Taylor
2012-13 Ross Maycock
2013-14 Daniel Panetta
2014-15 Cole McGuire
2015-16 Aiden Treverton
2016-17 Dalyn Wakely
2017-18 Jack Lowry
2018-19 Andrew McNiel
2019-20 Season Suspended
2020-21 Nate Rashotte

Star Trophy Award
Presented to the coach of the most improved team from the previous season, measured by points percentage.
Award Winners...
2008-09  Carpet One - Major Peewee
2009-10  1996 - Chris Masterson (Minor Bantam)
2010-11  1999 - Patrick Shearer (Minor Peewee)
2012-13  2000 - Russ Alexander (Peewee)
2013-14  2004 - Chris Hunt (Minor Atom)
2014-15  2002 - Raymon Lee (Peewee)
2015-16  2003 - Russ Alexander (Peewee)
2016-17  2006 - Matt Langdon (Atom)
2017-18  2008 - Adam Rivers (Minor Atom)
2018-19  2005 - Tyler Longo (Minor Bantam)
2019-20 Season Suspended
2020-21  U16 (2006) Kenny Chesher


Hammy Award
This award is presented to an individual, typically a volunteer, who has demonstrated outstanding commitment and dedication to QRMHA.
Award Winners...
2008-09 Stephen Flint
2009-10 Paul Fleming
2010-11 Lesley Turcotte
2011-12 Vince Panetta
2012-13 Scott Johnston
2013-14 Greg Popovich
2014-15 Tina Warren
2015-16 Larry Votary & Brian Thiffault
2016-17 Yolanda Ellis
2017-18 Tanya Carr
2018-19 Grant Pope
2019-20 Season Suspended
2020-21 Sarah Wannamaker

Coach of the Year Award
1995-96 Joey Edwards
1996-97 Raymon Lee & Brian Brown
1997-98 Dave Stott
1998-99 Nancy Sommerville
1999-00 Murray Latham
2000-01 Mike Kiley
2001-02 Steve Miller
2002-03 Tim Blake
2003-04 Mark Burrowes
2004-05 John Foley
2005-06 Mike Kiley
2007-08 Stephen Tracze

2008-09 Mike McKeown & Brandon Harker
2009-10 Bart Crashley
2010-11 Randy Uens
2011-12 Patrick Shearer
2012-13 Russ Alexander
2013-14 Patrick Shearer
2014-15 Chris Hunt & Patrick Shearer
2015-16 Steve Bancroft
2016-17 Matt Langdon
2017-18 Ben Hagerman
2018-19 Sean Gawley
2019-20 Season Suspended
2020-21 Jeanna Oke - U9 (2013)

Red Devil Award
Presented to the coach of the team with the best points percentage..
2012-13 Patrick Shearer - Minor Bantam (1999)
2014-15 Patrick Shearer - Minor Midget (1999)
2015-16 Chris Hunt - Minor Peewee (2004)
2016-17 Matt Langdon - Atom (2006)
2017-18 Matt Langdon - Minor Peewee (2006)
             Patrick Shearer - Minor Bantam (2004)
2018-19 Chris Hunt - Bantam (2004)
2019-20 Season Suspended
2020-21 U11-2011 - Gary 

Golden Heart Award
This is award is one of the legacies of our Peewee team and their quest for the Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup during the 2018-19 season. They wanted something ongoing from year to year, to remind everyone that there can be more to hockey than just practices, games and tournaments. That giving back to the community, and helping other people can be just as rewarding as making the playoffs, or winning a championships. It intended to be given to the Quinte Red Devil team that best embodies leadership, community service, sportsmanship, and service to others.     

2018-19 - 2005 Bonn Law Peewee
2019-20 - 2007 Minor Peewee
2019-20 - Season Suspended      
2020-21 - U14 2008


The Michael “Hammy” Hamilton Award

This award is named in honour of Warrant Officer Michael “Hammy” Hamilton. Mike was a long time member of the Canadian Forces. He was last stationed in Trenton as paratrooper with the Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre.    An avid sports fan and athlete, Mike was also a volunteer, working for several years as trainer with the QRMHA.  Mike was known for his athleticism, good nature and community involvement. Mike died tragically in a car accident February 22, 2009.   He left many with fond memories.  This award is presented to an individual, typically a volunteer, who has demonstrated outstanding commitment and dedication to QRMHA.


Who can nominate:

Members of QRMHA i.e. parent, coach, volunteer can nominate an individual for The Hammy Award. Please include the following:

1.     A brief description (250 words or less) outlining why you are nominating this person,

2.     Indicate how you know the individual and for how long

3.     If possible please include example of how the individual has demonstrated outstanding commitment and dedication.  


The Board will review the nominations and vote to determine the recipient.


Due Date: 


Submit to:


Please send nominations to [email protected] or drop off at the QRMHA mail box at the Quinte Sports Centre, Belleville, ON.