Lessons From Behind the Glass - Allyson Tufts (Quinte Red Devils)

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Lessons From Behind the Glass  by Allyson Tufts

This page will provide resources for parents. Specifically links to videos Allyson Tufts, from her book and video series, "Lessons From Behind the Glass". Allyson gave an series of excellent presentations during the August 2017 Training Camp, and this material is a follow-up to those presentations. These videos were produced through Hockey Eastern Ontario HEO.

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Video #1 - "Don't force your passion, your child will find their own"  <<< Click Here >>>

Video #2 - "Let go of the control you never had in the first place"   <<< Click Here >>>

Video #3 - "Nothing in Hockey is Free, but its the Cost that Teaches You the Most"  <<< Click Here >>>

Video #4 -
 "Before you yell at your child for their performance on the ice, take a good look at your conduct in the stands!"  <<< Click Here >>>

Video #5 - "Play Through the Politics"  <<< Click Here >>>

Video #6 - "Parents See Hockey Through a Different Set of Eyes"  <<< Click Here >>>

Video #7- "Raise a Good Person Who Likes to Play Hockey, Not Just a Good Hockey Player"  <<< Click Here >>>