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Apr 05, 2023 | Website Admin | 2683 views
QRMHA Tryout Information - April 2023 - (Updated April 5)
Registration for all aspects of the QRMHA Tryout process will be open from Friday, April 7 at 12:00 noon until Thursday, April 20 at 11:30pm

1. Prep Skates
For the U10 - U13 age groups there will be Prep Skates, and Tryout Skates. 

a) During the prep phase for the U10 - U13 age groups, we are required to provide a minimum of 4 skates, and there is no evaluation of players, and no cuts are made. The Prep Phase skates are optional - players are not required to attend these skates. (Because we are required by OMHA to provide 4 prep skates, and because of ice limitations, we are forced to cap the number skaters participating in the prep skates at 24 skaters.)

b) There will be no prep skates for the U14, U15 and U16 age groups, however, we will be providing body checking clinics for the U14 age group, and pre-tryout goalie instruction with Mike Murphy for U10 - U16 goaltenders.
Due to time and ice limitations: Body Checking clinics will be limited to 24 skaters per session.
Goalie instruction sessions with Mike Murphy will be limited to 12 goalies per age group.

c) For U10-U13 Goaltenders... Since goaltending clinics are being offered separately, there will be no charge for goalies to attend the prep-skate sessions. A separate Prep Skate registration form for U10 - U13 goaltenders will be provided and must be completed. 

d) Registration for U10-U13 prep skates, U14 Body Checking Clinics, Goaltending Clinics, and Tryout skates will all be done separately.

2. Tryout Skates

a) The Tryout Skates will be 2 on-ice sessions including skill evaluation, small area games, and inter-squad scrimmage.  After 2 skates, players may be offered a place on the team, be released, or continue with the tryout process. Waivers to attend a tryout in another centre may be obtained at this time.

b) During the tryout phase, and following the 2nd tryout skate, all skates will be by coach invitation only. These invitational skates will cost $25 per skate, and will be paid in advance via e-transfer to [email protected]

3. Schedules

A schedule for the entire tryout process is available on the QRD website. The schedule may change depending on registration numbers. Please check the schedule regularly.

4. Costs
U10 - U13 Prep Skates (4 on-ice sessions) $150
U14 Body Checking Clinics (2 on-ice sessions) $60
U10 - U16 Goalie Instruction (1 session) $50
U10 - U16 Tryout Skates. (2 sessions) $125
Invitation Skates (each) $25

All payments are to be made in advance via e-transfer to:
[email protected]

QRMHA has a number of e-transfer accounts. Please take care to send payments to the correct account (above).
Also, please indicate your child's name and age group in the Message box.

5. Registration Process

Registration for all parts of the tryout process will be completed on-line on the QRD Website. There will be separate on-line registration forms for each age group, as well as for each Phase of the process (Prep Skates, Body Checking, Goalie Instruction, and Tryout Skates). You will be required to e-transfer your payment to QRMHA in order to complete the registration process. It is a separate transaction from your bank's on-line banking app.

Send e-transfers to: [email protected].


6. Permission to Skate Forms

Also, in order to attend tryout skates, prospective players must have a Permission to Skate form (PTS), from their home centre.
A permission to skate form is not required to attend any aspect of the prep phase. (Prep skates, body checking clinic, goalie clinics)

The PTS form verifies that:
a) the player is in good standing with their home centre,
b) is a resident in their home centre and the Quinte Zone, and
c) is therefore eligible to attend tryouts with Quinte AAA.

Home centres might not issue the PTS forms until a few days before tryouts. You do not need the PTS form to register for tryouts, but please bring the form to the first tryout skate.

Please do not email PTS forms.

Please make sure to sign the PTS form.
If you do not have the permission to skate form, you will not be eligible to attend the tryout. Please do not try to get around this step. If you are not sure what this means, please contact your home centre. 

If you have questions please send an email to [email protected]


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