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Everything You Need to Know for Prep Skates and Tryouts - 2024-25 Season (Update #6) - April12, 2024
This page has all of the information that you need to know regarding Prep Skates and Tryouts. This page will be updated regularly.

1. Schedules for Prep Skates and Tryout Skates have been posted in a separate article.
For the prep skates, just arrive at the rink at the scheduled time. There is no registration or check-in process for the prep skates.
For the Tryout Skates, you need to check in before the first skate and submit your
permission to skate form. (See below.) An email will be sent to advise players which group they will be skating with.

2. Prep Skates - U10 to U16
These optional sessions will run Saturday April 13, Sunday April 14, Monday April 15, and Tuesday April 16. U10 prep skates will be the only single age prep skates. (U11 and U12), (U13 and U14), & (U15 and U16) will be combined. Registration will be separate for each age group with a maximum of 30 U10 skaters, and 15 each for the combined groups. The cost will be $160 for the 4 sessions.
We will need goaltenders for the prep skates, but there will be no charge for goaltenders. There will be a registration page with a limit of 4 goalies per group.

3. Tryout Skates
$175 - Covers the entire tryout process and includes a QRD Tryout Jersey 

U10, U11, U12, & U13 Tryout Skates

Saturday April 20, and Sunday April 21
(90 minute sessions)
After April 21, skates will by coach invitation.

U14, U15 & U16 Tryout Skates
Monday April 22, and Tuesday April 23
(90 minute sessions)
After April 23, skates will by coach invitation.

4. Payment Method for Prep Skates and Tryout Skates.
This season we will be introducing a new payment system for Prep Skates and Tryout Skates. The registration page will have a link to Sports Pay, and all registrants will be required to make a full payment using Visa or Mastercard. The registration will not be completed unless the payment is made.

5. Late Tryout Registration and Fee
Players attending tryouts after the second skate on a AAA Waiver will be required to register and pay a $100 fee. A separate registration link will be provided for this purpose.

6. Coaches for the 2024-25 Season

Age Group   Coach  email address 
U10 - 2015   Steve Cooke  [email protected]
U11 - 2014   Ed Dowling  [email protected]
U12 - 2013    Kyle Adams  [email protected]
U13 - 2012   Scoley Dow  [email protected]
U14 - 2011    Jeanna Oke  [email protected]
U15 - 2010    Kenny Chesher  [email protected]
U16 - 2009    Steve Tracze  [email protected]
U18 - 2007-2008   Tod Lavender  [email protected]

7. Permission to Skate Forms

Also, in order to attend tryout skates, prospective players must have a Permission to Skate form (PTS), from their home centre
A permission to skate form is not required to attend the prep phase.

The PTS form verifies that:
a) the player is in good standing with their home centre, 
b) is a resident in their home centre and the Quinte Zone, and 
c) is therefore eligible to attend tryouts with Quinte AAA. 

Home centres might not issue the PTS forms until a few days before tryouts. You do not need the PTS form to register for tryouts, but please bring the form to the first tryout skate.

Please do not email PTS forms.

Please make sure to sign the PTS form.
If you do not have the permission to skate form, you will not be eligible to attend the tryout.Please do not try to get around this step. If you are not sure what this means, please contact your home centre. 

If you have questions please send an email to [email protected]

8. AAA Waivers
Waivers cannot issued until after the actual tryout skates begin. Waivers must be agreed to by the coach.
Please do not email and ask for a waiver before tryouts.

What is a AAA Waiver? 
A Waiver is a document that is used in AAA minor hockey to document and control player movement between AAA centres. It is not a "release". It is simply an electronic document that verifies that a player is able to tryout in an adjacent AAA centre.

What is OHF Regulation E32? (ie. The rule governing AAA Waivers)
OHF Regulation E32 is the OHF rule governing AAA Waivers.
In order for a player to be eligible for a AAA Waiver, a player must -
1. Register for try outs in their home AAA centre, 
2. Attend AAA try outs in their appropriate age division in their home AAA centre.
If the player has not signed, or been offered a card to sign by the 4th skate, they may ask for a AAA Waiver. 

For an adjacent AAA club/association/zone team to permit a non-resident player to try out, the player must provide a copy of the Electronic AAA Waiver either printed or emailed. Players not signed or offered a card in accordance with OHF Regulation E32 are entitled to apply for a AAA Waiver, and no request for the Waiver shall be unduly denied or delayed. 

What is the process for obtaining a AAA Waiver?
Players must participate in tryout skates in their home AAA centre so that the coach has an opportunity to assess their skill level. If a player is released, they may request a Waiver. The home AAA centre creates the waiver form on the OMHA website, and a copy is automatically sent to the parent requesting the waiver, OMHA, OHF, and the home AAA centre. After receiving a copy of the waiver form via email, the parent would then contact the adjacent AAA centre, and bring the waiver to a tryout skate.

Where do I send my waiver request?
[email protected]

What information is REQUIRED when requesting a waiver?
First Name:  Bobby
Last Name:  Hockey
D.O.B. (dd-MMM-yyyy)  13-JUN-2010
Is the player a Goaltender?  yes
Residence (City):     Marmora
Age Group:   U13

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