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AAA Waivers - Frequently Asked Questions
Please read this before sending an email about a waiver.

What is a AAA Waiver? 
A Waiver is a document that is used in AAA minor hockey to document and control player movement between AAA centres. It is not a "release". It is simply an electronic document that verifies that a player is able to tryout in an adjacent AAA centre.

When Can a Player Obtain a AAA Waiver?
Waivers cannot issued until after the actual tryout skates begin. OMHA has set April 22 as the date when AAA Waivers can be issued. Waivers must be agreed to by the coach.
Please do not email and ask for a waiver before tryouts.

What is OHF Regulation E32? (ie. The rule governing AAA Waivers)
OHF Regulation E32 is the OHF rule governing AAA Waivers.
In order for a player to be eligible for a AAA Waiver, a player must -
1. Register for try outs in their home AAA centre, 
2. Attend AAA try outs in their appropriate age division in their home AAA centre.
If the player has not signed, or been offered a card to sign by the 4th skate, they may ask for a AAA Waiver. 

For an adjacent AAA club/association/zone team to permit a non-resident player to try out, the player must provide a copy of the Electronic AAA Waiver either printed or emailed. Players not signed or offered a card in accordance with OHF Regulation E32 are entitled to apply for a AAA Waiver, and no request for the Waiver shall be unduly denied or delayed. 

What is the process for obtaining a AAA Waiver?
Players must participate in tryout skates in their home AAA centre so that the coach has an opportunity to assess their skill level. If a player is not offered a position on the tram, they may request a Waiver. The home AAA centre creates the waiver form on the OMHA website, and a copy is automatically sent to the parent requesting the waiver, OMHA, OHF, and the home AAA centre. After receiving a copy of the waiver form via email, the parent would then contact the adjacent AAA centre, and bring the waiver to a tryout skate.

Where do I send my waiver request?
[email protected]

What information is REQUIRED when requesting a waiver?
First Name:  Bobby
Last Name:  Hockey
D.O.B. (dd-MMM-yyyy)  13-JUN-2010
Is the player a Goaltender?  yes
Residence (City):     Marmora
Age Group:   U13

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